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Santa Ana Couch Grass Perth

A turf professionals favourite couch. Highest visual finish due to Santa Ana having the finest leaf of all couch varieties on the market. Long standing popular couch that provides low upfront costs. However it is a high maintenance variety and like all couch varieties, is highly invasive also requiring dethatching annually. It is difficult to eradicate once established. Order your Santa Ana couch grass from one of the best turf farms in Perth.

Key Benefits

Attractive - Finest leaf of all couches currently available.

Hard Wearing - Good recovery rate from wear.

Great Winter Colour - Has the best winter colour of all couches currently available.


Used for domestic showcase homes with owners willing to ensure maintenance requirements are met. Popular with golf courses, bowling greens. Collier Park, Mount Lawley & Joondalup Golf Courses are a sample.


Visual Appeal Blue green, very fine leaf
Watering Low water user. 40ml per week (Over 2-3 days) in Summer, no watering required during Winter
Mowing Frequency Weekly in Summer, Fortnightly in Winter
Wear/Tolerance High
Sunlight/Shade Minimum 3-4 hours direct sunlight per day, has better shade tolerance than other couches.
Drought/Frost Tolerance Drought tolerance is very good. Frost tolerance high compared to other couches.
Drought/Frost Recovery Very good compared to other couches.
Weeds More related to the turf farm that grows it, Greenacres is proud to deliver guaranteed Weed free Santa Ana couch Lawn.
Cost/Value Medium price for a premium couch, however is a very high maintenance grass.

As many of the above elements of each turf variety can affect the performance in your intended setting, we highly recommend you call Greenacres on 08 9525 8822  for specific advice for your location

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